Home Automation
what does it mean?

Home Automation means different things to different people. It is, in fact a very extensive subject, where many choices can be made.

The most visible parts of the system are the switches, sensors and touch screens. And there is no question about the visual appeal of the C-Bus products.

One button can switch or dim one light circuit, or it can switch or dim the lights in your entire house, plus set the irrigation and pool pump, close the gate and so on. Even better, if tomorrow you don't like that anymore, that button can do something completely different, without changing any of the electrical wiring.

Things can happen automatically, once a zone is breached. For instance, lights could switch on, there could be a notification to you, (though we believe that this is for your armed response to handle), and / or your roller shutters could close to restrict movement.

Sound everywhere
While there are many different sound distribution systems available, there is only one which is truly integrated into the home automation system. It is so well integrated that you need no separate audio keypads, no additional touch screens. It all works from the C-Bus switches and touch screens. That gives your home a neat and smart look.

Remote access
No, not a remote control, like you already have for your garage door or gate. We are talking about phoning in from wherever there is phone access, and checking and changing your most important parameters. Or you might want to know if your security system is being disarmed. Maybe you want to access your system via the internet and take full control as if you were at home?

Pretend you are there
Actually you are away on holidays. But your house behaves as if you were there. Lights go on and off in a random or semi- random pattern. Your pool pump, irrigation and sound all behave as if you were at home.

Best of all....

In fact it is the one system where first generation product can live side-by-side with the most recently released products, and it all works together!

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