Home Automation Terms
Since a Home Automation system can switch pumps, fans, activate gate motors and security systems, audio systems, switch or dim lights, and so on, we refer to those things as consumers.

Mood or Scene
Moods or Scenes are settings involving a number of consumers. For instance you may have a room with three light circuits. One possible Mood or Scene could be to set the chandelier in the middle to 40% brightness, the general lights for the room to 60%, and the lights over the sideboard to 20%. In terms of Home Automation, such a setting is done by pushing one button. Of course a sensor or timer can be set up to do something similar.

Transfer Time
This is the time that is chosen for a setting to take place. Referring back to the mood setting above, you may want to set that mood over 4 seconds, 12 seconds or a minute. You might even want some of the consumer to be set instantly while others take a certain time to reach their setting.

These are powerful timer routines. Events can take place based on fixed time, relative time, can be repeated, activated and de-activated. We use them for switching geysers, floor heat, pool pumps, whole scenes and so on.

Means to make a system or component of supplier A to communicate with a system or component of supplier B.

Distributed Sound System
A system to which various sound sources are connected. This could be a CD player, a Tuner, etc. The system allows you to select a specific source to be played in a room, and another source in another room. Naturally, you can also set the Volume and tone individually in each room.

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