The Existing Home

Here things are a little different. This is because the wiring for a Home Automation System is not the same as for a conventional system. But if you are prepared to allow for the necessary wiring changes, then in many cases you can still go all the way.

There is of course the option of going wireless, but this has it's limitations too.
So the steps would be:

  1. Decide what is acceptable to you. Either it is some disruption to fit a full system, or almost no disruption at the expense of load restrictions imposed by the wireless modules.

  1. Then the loads of the various consumers which you may want to control need to be established, and with many an existing home this could be a little more time consuming than going through a plan.

  1. Now we are ready for a quotation.

  1. Once agreement is reached, the drawings need modification and updating, or other instructions may need to be prepared.

  1. In case of a full system, your Renovator and Electrician will be updated as to the new layouts and wiring.

  1. In case of wireless, component installation may start.

  1. Set-up and programming will commence based on your requirements.

  1. Once you are in the house, we will still be available to make programming changes to tailor the system to your lifestyle.
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