Audio Distribution

With distributed audio you can select different audio sources, such as CD, Tape, DVD, TV or MP3 to be played in different rooms.

This means that you can listen to a CD in one room, while someone else listens to the radio in another room. In each room the Volume, Bass, Treble can be adjusted, and a track or radio station can be selected. Naturally, this is all dependent on your preferred setup and can be suited to your personal preferences.

In the heart of the system is a Distribution unit, which can receive commands from any C-Bus Switch or Touch Screen and then sends out the appropriate signal to the area amplifiers. It is the only system which does not require separate keypads or controls. In this way, you can stay with an elegant and clean look throughout your home.

Up to six sound sources can be distributed to up to eight different rooms, or multiples thereof, allowing for individual source and sound settings.

To top it all, you now can let the audio system be part of your 'Away Simulation'. You can play some music at your usual times even when you are not at home, and let it switch itself off a little while before the lights switch off in your house.

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