About Us
Who we are

We are a Home Automation specialist company, utilising C-Bus intelligent systems for private and  commercial applications. Our technical expertise is based on more than 18 years of experience, starting with in-depth knowledge of lamp technology, lamp control gear and various control systems.
Like so many others, we could engage ourselves in a variety of products, but we rather don't.... Why?

While we concentrate our efforts on Gauteng, we do not necessarily exclude other areas. That's why we also have sites as far away as Namibia and Botswana.

Our Approach

We like to take responsibility for system implementation, and therefore do not expect third parties (like your electrician) to carry out the system installation.
It is also us, who does the system setup and programming.
We truly back up and service our installations.

We think that this distinguishes us from others, and through that approach, we circumvent troubles for you and us.
Automation  and  Lighting  Control  Specialists
Home Automation C-Bus ALCS