Welcome to the Home Automation Specialists

Welcome to the Home Automation Specialists
   Why Home Automation?

It's a Lifestyle Choice

This can even be taken literally. Either you need to go to every switch in your house to set the lights for a party and to switch everything off at night.
Or you can do this simply by pressing one button, or the system does it for you automatically.
You can access your system from the office or abroad, either via the internet, or via SMS. It's just a matter of choice!


Anything that is linked to your Home Automation system, can be part of a global setting, such as a Party mood, a Night setting, and so on.
Some indoor lights can be switched on automatically as the sun goes down, while all or some of your outdoor lights will switch on around sunset, and off at sunrise.
The bottom line is that there is no need to walk through the house to make sure that things are the way you want them to be.

Energy Management

In today's world, where insufficient electrical power is available in South Africa, it becomes ever more important to manage your power wisely and intelligently. The main problem is the peak demand, which cannot always be met for all areas in South Africa. However, your Home Automation System allows you to manage this by automatically switching off your bigger consumers, such as geysers and floor  heaters during the most critical times in the day. Moreover, managing your power consumption via your Home Automation system, you might be able to utilise a lower-capacity electrical Connection to your home.

What can you link?

in fact, almost anything, which uses electricity.
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